Challenge Update – Cash #4 (Completed)

The £1k Cash Game Challenge has been completed.

I thought it’d take longer to be honest.  This might be to do with the levels I was playing (mainly 50nl with a bit of 100nl thrown in).  When you look at it this way its only really a win of 10-20 Buy-ins which I suppose isn’t massively impressive.

However as I’ve never really recorded sessions on cash before I wasn’t sure if I’d even be a winning player on cash.  It’s nice to finally see numbers in front of me which shows I can beat the cash games (even over a small sample size) as I do definitely see myself more of a tournament player.

With the figures in front of me now it seems like it might be worth my time to play more on the cash tables.  I think I have definitely been running over EV, however with 13 winning sessions in a row its hard to argue that there isn’t money to be had here.

I did not intend Session 15 to be as long as it was.  I started the session poorly and was about £200 down after an hour.  I spent the next 3 hours getting it all back and snap quit as soon as I hit profit.  I was on a 11 session run of profit and didn’t want to ruin it!  I’m a bit stubborn in that way – kind of regretted it in the morning but at least the record stood eh?


Target: +£1k

Previous Update:  +£859.60  (26 hours played)

Session 15 – +£30.70  (1 table 100nl – 4 hours)

Session 16 – +£186.45 (2 tables 50nl – 2.5 hours)

Total Profit:  +£1076.75 (32.5 hours)

I believe this is the hand which took me over the threshold (I might be wrong but it was around this time in the session).  I only made £6.82 off the hand but please don’t tell me that online poker is dead…


I guess I’ll have to start another challenge soon then.  Any ideas?  Omaha has been mentioned although this could scramble my brain a bit much as I’ve never played it.  Still, I suppose that’s the point of a challenge…


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