Challenge Update – Cash #3

I’ve managed to play a fair bit of cash poker over the last few weeks.  Surprisingly it has been going quite well and the challenge looks like its nearing its end (famous last words!).

I’ve managed to play 11 winning sessions in a row which is definitely a sign of running well, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a sign of playing well also.

Session 10 was without doubt my rockiest session.  I was over £300 down after an hour and not feeling too great.  However I am a bit stubborn when it comes to losing sessions (particularly on cash) so decided to try and grind it all back and not leave the table till I did.  Luckily it went that way and I managed to record a mighty £8.10 win!

Typically the longer the session is, the worse the start is.  Longer sessions below will be ones where I started badly and had to grind my way back into positive figures.

Oddly enough despite my cash tables going well, MTTs have been going in the other direction.  Seems odd to say despite a decent live cash recently, but it could be to do with me mingling the two variants of the game causing me to play sub-optimally in my tournaments.

Nevertheless here are my cash results since my last update.  Possibly just the one update left of this challenge… *touch-wood*



Target: +£1k

Starting Balance:  +£226.89

Session 7: +£227.57  (1 50nl, 1 100nl – 2 hours)

Session 8: +£70.27 (1 100nl – 2 hours)

Session 9: +£14.20 (2 50nl – 2 hours)

Session 10: +£8.10 (1 100nl – 3 hours)

Session 11: +£14.35 (2 50nl – 1 hour)

Session 12: +£42.33 (2 100nl. 2 50nl – 2 hours)

Session 13: +£211.14 (2 100nl – 1 hour)

Session 14: +£44.75 (2 50nl – 3 hours)

Total Profit on Cash:  +£859.60  (26 hours played)

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