No Holiday – No Problem

Looking at my work rota makes for depressing reading.   I have next to no holiday left to take until April.  I probably shouldn’t have gone so crazy over the Summer, but heck 20 days holiday isn’t exactly a lot.  It goes quick.

Still, there’s one plus side.  I get a long weekend (4 days off) every six weeks.  So although I haven’t got much holiday left to take, if I can find some tournaments that fall on my long weekends that are easy enough to get to, I should be able to make them.

My next 4 days off are from the 7th October till the 10th October.  After a quick google I can see that there are two relatively decent tournaments going on in London across those dates.

The first is Pokerstars London Live Series which consists of a £250+£25 entry tournament with 4 day 1’s.  I’d be able to play either of the Day 1’s that fall on the Saturday if I decided to attend.  The tournament takes place at the Hippodrome and although there is no mention of any other tournaments going on I’m sure there would be cash tables to get involved in should this event not go well.

The second choice is the 888 Live Festival.  This appears to be a bigger festival not just over one weekend, but a whole series of events over the course of a couple of weeks.  Obviously I won’t be able to play any of those other events over the two week spell as I don’t have the time off.  However there is a £200+£20 event, again with 4 Day 1’s, exactly the same set up as the Pokerstars event.  This event is at Aspers Casino and I’m sure there will also be cash games running should the event not go to plan.

Now, obviously I will need to decide between the two.  I shouldn’t really be planning for worst case scenario that I exit one event after 20 minutes and head across London to buy into the other.  That’d be a disaster.

Not sure which one is the better fit for me as they are very similar.  I suppose it comes down to the casino at the end of the day, however as I’ve been to neither I’m not in the best position to decide.

If anyone has been to both casinos, let me know which you prefer/which one is more likely to have cash games running.  Also give me a shout if you decide to attend either.

It seems as though I’ve caught the live bug.  Looking at plane tickets again… I should really be collecting air miles.

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