Challenge Update – Cash #2

It’s been a bit tough to find the time to play online of late.

I decided to spend some time in the UK after my little trip to the Netherlands to see family and friends, so it’s been difficult to fit in a decent game of poker in the middle of it all.

Tournaments in particular have been tricky to find the time, but it has enabled me to play cash in the few hours I can find.

My first session on cash in my previous update went relatively well as I recorded a win of £97.60.

The next two sessions I played did not go so well recording a loss of nearly £200 between them.  They were a while ago now so I’m not going to go looking through hand history to see what went wrong.  If I remember correctly it was a mix of playing bad and running bad.  I got overly aggressive which backfired in a couple of hands.  Nevertheless it was something I must have learned from as the subsequent 3 sessions I’ve managed to play have recorded wins.

One of the biggest hands I played involved me getting a bit aggressive on the button with 54o.  Some may look at this and wonder what in earth I’m doing in the hand pre-flop but for me it is essential to occasionally throw these sorts of hands into the mix to balance our range.  We can’t only be 3 betting our premium/decent hands on the button.  Throwing in some hands we can 3 bet and easily fold to a 4 bet are necessary (in my humble opinion) so we aren’t easily read, and obviously it’s ideal when we can play the pot in position.

See below:



All things considered cash is going OK.  As I’ve mentioned previously it’s not my normal game so I’m not expecting to beat the world, however an achievable target like £1k profit should do me good in the long run.


Target: +£1k

Session 1: 1 hour/2 tables at 50nl –  +£97.60

Session 2:  2 hours/2 tables at 50nl/1 table of 100nl –  -£146.20

Session 3:  2 hours/1 table at 50nl/1 table at 100nl –  -£38.30

Session 4:  1 hour/2 tables at 50nl –  +£63.70

Session 5:  2 hours/1 table at 100nl –   +£230.03

Session 6:  2 hours/1 table at 100nl –  +£20.06


Total Profit on Cash:  + £226.89

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