Rotterdam Day 2 – Bittersweet

I woke up late.

2pm I looked at my phone and I realised I had an hour to get to Day 2 of the €550 Deepstack.  Clearly the previous week or so had caught up with me, but heck I needed the rest.

I got to the casino with 5 minutes to spare and found my seat.

I started the day with 219k which was just over 40 big blinds.  38 players were left in the tournament and only the 18 were getting paid.

I started reasonably well increasing my stack quite solidly – in the process of knocking out a couple of people.

Players kept getting knocked out and before I knew it we were around the bubble.  At this point I had a relatively decent stack (about 400k but still about 40bb).  I went to war in the blinds and for the first time of the day I decided to try and bluff an opponent.

On the stone bubble I had Q high by the river looking at an AKJ98 board and was debating a river shove to put maximum pressure on a stack that was a very similar size to me.  After thinking about his range and whether or not he could fold even if he really wanted to, I decided against the all in and saw the pot swing his way.

I was down to 20bb on the bubble and suddenly I found myself one of the shorter stacks in the event.  However no less than 30 seconds later the bubble had been burst on another table and we were in the money – €1.1k locked.

After being card dead and not really being able to find any decent spots I was treading water with 16 left.

Then I hit an ounce of luck.  UTG had raised and I had seen the entire table fold.  I look down at 88 in the big blind, my 15bb stack and decided this was as good as it was going to get and moved all in.

Thinking back to Lille where I exited both tournaments I entered with 88 I couldn’t help but feel it was destined again.

Called by QQ.  Disaster.

An 8 on the flop however salvaged me and I had gotten myself back into the middle of the pack.

Dinner break came with 12 left.  I went with 3 others from the tournament around the corner to a Vietnamese restaurant.  I mentioned in a previous post that the Dutch were friendly people.  Think this justifies that somewhat as we hadn’t spoken a great deal on the table but the invite came nonetheless.  We had a laugh about how one guy took over 5 minutes to call with KK pre-flop (the lives of poker players eh?), amongst other things.  I do enjoy live events so much more when the players are more social.  No reason you can’t all have a laugh off the poker table, or even on it for that matter.  Some players take these things way too seriously.

Back to the poker table and a couple hands after the break we had more blind on blind action.  I flopped top pair.  I turned a flush draw.  I still had top pair by the river but my kicker was no good and I ended up losing a big pot.

I got to the final table as the short stack (9/9).

One got knocked out, then I knocked out another. and then another gets knocked out.

Then I go completely and utterly card dead.  I chuckled to myself when I got dealt 53o for the third time in a row, and in the hour that followed the hands didn’t improve much at all.

I then get dealt JJ and double up through A8o, however at this point I’m still a short stack on the table.

The blinds and antes were getting extremely high.  1 small blind represented what we got given at the beginning of the tournament by the time this hand rocked around.  In the meantime another player had been knocked out and we were down to the last 5.

I was dealt A10o in the small blind.  The massive chip leader is on the button and raises.  I move in for my last 10 or so big blinds and he turns over AJo.  I don’t improve and I end up out in 5th for just over €5.6k.

It’s my biggest cash to date, so although I didn’t win (thought I had a decent shot at one point), its an achievement nonetheless.  Arguably my best on the poker scene (even without the money aspect).

I’m still relatively new to live poker.  I’ve played heaps more online, but not usually with antes and not usually full ring.  My game of choice is online 6max with no antes, so to enter a live full-ring event with antes takes some adjustments.  To get this score required a fair bit of luck, but I do feel like I’m improving my game with each time I play.

It’s got me itching to go to another event, but without the holiday left from work I think I might have to sit on my hands a while.

We’ll see…

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