Rotterdam Day 1 – Going Deep

Some might say a weekend in Amsterdam before playing a Live Poker Tournament is a bad idea.  Nevertheless that is exactly what I did.

I had flown into Rotterdam on the Saturday morning, grabbed a quick train to Amsterdam and met up with 3 friends that had come across from England.  The weekend was a good laugh.  Not as heavy on the alcohol as you might expect, but perhaps that was a good thing considering I had come off 8 straight days of work and was in need of chilled day or two.

Monday morning I had to get a train back to Rotterdam to enter the €550 Deepstack event in the WSOP Circuit which was starting at 2pm.

Conveniently the Train Station, Hotel and Casino are all within a 5 minute walk of each other – almost like I planned it this way.

I hopped onto a train about 12:30 and I rocked up to the casino just as the event got underway right on 2 o’clock.

I made a rather rash bluff really early in the tournament which got through and increased my stack by 50%.  From there though I steadied myself and things started to go increasingly well.

I got AA v AK on a King high board for the opponents entire stack to double up.  Not long after, having made a good call with Ace high to scoop a big pot I was one of the chip leaders in the tournament.

Another hand where I flop the nuts with KJ on a AQ10 board got paid off to the max and poker seemed to be remarkably easy for the first time on the live scene.

I was running really well but I was also think I was playing well.  It’s important to distinguish the two.  I wasn’t getting out of line much, and when I was I was doing it I was doing it with the nut blockers which seemed to work the vast majority of the time.  I’ve definitely improved my method in playing hands also on the live scene.  I think I’ve made really steady improvements not to give anything away when I’m in a hand.

The only real hiccup was running 10 10 into KK for a decent sized pot.

The table is relatively friendly.  The Dutch seem quite happy, easy going people.  I know thats a massive generalisation but everyone that I’ve met seems nice enough.  Not had a single occurrence of rudeness or aggression on the table.  The same couldn’t be said in Lille.

There were 179 entries in this Deepstack meaning we have a prize pool of €89.5k.  I believe there is just shy of €30k for the winner but for the life of me I can’t remember the exact amount – all the drink is free when you’re playing (I was there 10 hours).

One thing that was surprising is that only 18 are paid.  I was expecting it to be closer to 25, but they’ve decided it’ll only be the 10% that sees any return.

At the moment of writing there is 38 left.  I am one of those 38.

I have 219,300 chips to my name (I’m a tad above average) and I believe we return at blinds 2500/5000/500.

It’s another Day 2 and another deep run.  I return at 3pm tomorrow to see if I can get a decent cash this time.

Lets go.



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