Hand Review #4 – Overvaluing Aces

My first hand review taken from a cash game.  I don’t play much cash so I think it’ll be good to break this hand down, as I think this hand is marginal at best.

We are playing 50nl and have near enough no notes/reads on any villains.  We are new to the cash tables and don’t know if these are regs or recreational players.

Preflop is quite standard.  There’s an UTG open.  The rest of the table folds and I 3 bet to £4.50 total with Aces.  We get called.


At this point I think his range is still relatively wide.  We are relatively deep so I think he’s calling suited connectors, all pairs and broadway cards.

The flop comes 9 high with no flush draw.


Standard C-Bet here from me, as I would do with the entirety of my range on this board.  It’s not a board that connects a lot with suited broadway cards which is likely to be a big chunk of his range.

After he calls his range narrows quite a bit to pocket pairs and suited connectors, some with backdoor flush draws like 67, 78 or A3/A2 (although I block the Ace combos).


The turn is a Ks which brings in the forth suit, meaning any possible hands he floated on the flop with backdoor flush opportunities are weakened immensely.

I bet once more and get called again.

At this point I’m starting to get seriously worried about what my opponent could have.  The opponents range has narrowed immensely at this point.

Straight draws should really be folding with no possibility of picking up a flush and considering the villain has called the K turn, which makes up a big chunk of my 3 bet range pre-flop, the villain must already have a made hand of value, or be calling a bit too wide for draws.

At this point his hand is starting to look a lot like a set of some sort.  99, 55, 44 all make sense here, along with some other pocket pairs the villain is reluctant to fold – 10 10 through QQ.


The river brings in another 9.  I’m seriously considering check/folding this river at this point.  Random 9’s improved to trips and its hard to see what value I’m getting called by if I move all in.  Only reluctant mid pairs could possibly hero call me.  Other than that the villain seems very polarised.  Set or nothing.

The 9 river does reduce the likelihood that the opponent has a set.  I find myself in one of those spots that I’m not really sure what to do and find myself going for very marginal value, hoping the villain can call worse.

I move all in.


Called by worse.

I can’t help but feel I was incredibly lucky to hit that sweet spot in his range which was able to call.  I think a lot of the time he folds his worse hands and calls when he has me crushed.

What do you think?  Should I have played the river differently?  Check and hope for a check back.  Check/Fold or go for thin value like I ended up doing?

Feel like I overvalued my hand here.

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