Challenge Update – Cash #1

The first challenge I set myself was to make £1k profit on the cash tables.  Tournaments have always been my go-to form of the game.  However I’m well aware of how important it can be to have a solid cash game strategy behind you.

When you bust the tournaments you wanted to play or if they haven’t started yet, its really the only form of the game you know you can sit down for however long you want with no time constraints.  Makes sense then that it’d be useful to know if I’m profitable at cash games.  If I am, great.  If I’m not,  I need to work out why and alter my game accordingly.  Those that don’t play poker may not know but strategies are different in a tournament to a cash game.  They require different skill sets.  A seasoned veteran on tournaments may struggle with how deep-stacked everyone is on cash.  A cash game expert may struggle with how shallow tournaments can get in the later stages.  Ideally I’d like to be strong on all fronts, but it’ll take practice.

I played my first cash session last night after busting my last tournament in 15th.  To win the Sunday Major on SkyPoker is really my only online tournament target at the minute.  I keep coming close but no joy – but that’s a different story.

I opened up two 50nl (25p/50p blinds for the newbies) cash tables and decided I’d only play for an hour as it was late.  I spewed off a bit at the beginning of the session – something I’m guilty of too often.  However I ran relatively well and was aggressive enough to get decent value from my good hands and ended the hour session +£97.60.

Still a long way to go mind, but an OK start at a decent win rate.  Only time will tell whether or not I can keep this up till I hit my goal.  I’ll need to remain disciplined as that profit can disappear within minutes if not careful.

Volume will decrease drastically over the next couple of weeks but in the meantime I’ll have updates from Rotterdam.

Updates on other challenges will be coming soon also.  As always, if you have any targets/challenges for me, let me know.

Target:  +£1k

Session 1:  1 hour/2 tables at 50nl –  +£97.60

Total Profit on Cash: +£97.60

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