It’s Time For A Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a few challenges on the online poker scene.  I’m hoping it adds a bit more varied content for this blog as well as giving me more reasons to update when not much is happening on the live scene.

I’ll be running challenges simultaneously.  They will vary from challenges that may take a day or so to complete, like winning hands in certain ways, to ones that will take much longer, like profit targets.

I’m open to suggestions on what these challenges should look like.  As I’ve mentioned I can do many alongside each other so the more suggestions I get the better!

As a starter to get the ball rolling I think I’ll go for a profit target in a specific game type.  I don’t play many SnGs (I find them dull), so for the time being I’ll ignore these – unless someone challenges me to take them on!

I’ve been known to splash around on the cash tables but don’t play on them much at all.  If I do play on them I’m probably only semi-profitable on them.  I’ve never run the numbers so it’d be interesting to see.  I think I’ll set myself a realistic target of hitting a £1k profit mark playing relatively low stakes cash poker – no time limit.  Hopefully this will keep me more disciplined than I’ve been previously on the cash tables and will provide me with a better foundation in the future in terms of learning the differences between cash poker and tournament poker – my game of choice.

So there it is.

Challenge 1 – Earn £1k on Cash Poker.

If anyone has any challenges for me, let me know.  Hoping to get a few of these rolling at the same time.

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