Rotterdam – Confirmed

I’ve finally organised myself and booked Rotterdam for the end of August.  There is a WSOP circuit event in the city and even though I’ve decided to go, for the time being I have decided not to play the main event.

I am meeting up with friends in Amsterdam on the weekend of the 26th August and when they fly home on the Monday I’ll grab a 45 minute train to Rotterdam to play in the €550 Deepstack Singe Re-entry event starting on the Monday afternoon.

I had been tempted to give the main event a whirl but the €1650 entry fee with what appears to be no possibility of satelliting into the event is a bit steep.  Selling action did cross my mind but as there are very few tournaments I’m actually interested in playing I wouldn’t really be in a position to offer a package – something I’d prefer when offering others the opportunity to stake.  It gives those you are willing to contribute a better chance to get something back than just sticking it all in one tournament.

However, should I do well in the Deepstack event I might decide to change my mind but that’s a lot of ifs/buts/maybes to plan that far ahead.  For the moment I’ll only be playing in the one event and will look to spend the following weekend in England.  This is likely to be my last opportunity to get home before Christmas so I think I’ll take it whilst I can.

The full schedule of the WSOP Circuit Event can be seen here.

At one point I was considering playing the Crazy Pineapple Freeze Out (don’t worry – I had to google it too), but you can see there is a distinct lack of Deepstacks – my MTT of choice.

It should however be a good little trip at the end of the Summer.  The weather in Spain at the minute is sweltering heat so it’d actually be quite nice to have some time in a milder climate.

As a side note – it is cheaper to get a plane from Malaga to Rotterdam, then a train to Amsterdam, then a plane to London, then a plane to Gibraltar than it is to get one flight from Malaga to Amsterdam.  Mental eh?  Just proves you need to do your research on these things or trips can end up costing a lot more than they need to.

Last event of the Summer…  Let’s hope for a decent result.

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