Lille Days 3 & 4 – The Hateful Eights

Sunday I woke up at a leisurely time and decided to venture into the centre of Lille.  I had broken the zip in my jeans (and also ripped them) so was looking for a shop to buy a replacement pair.  Lo and behold every shop was shut so that was a failed excursion.

After grabbing a coffee and a quick bite to eat I spent the afternoon strolling around the city.

lille pic.PNG

The weather was a bit murky and cold, but oddly enough I was quite happy with this.  It’s odd to say but having lived in the South of Spain for almost 3 years, sometimes I miss the odd cold day.

The city had a really good vibe – a very relaxed atmosphere.  There didn’t seem to be a whole heap of stuff to do but perhaps this was because it was a Sunday.  After a couple of hours roaming the city and taking in the sites my attention turned back to the reason I ventured to Lille in the first place.

I headed back to the casino for Day 2 of the SuperDeepStack Tournament in the evening.  I got to the casino to find out that 94 were left from the 3 Day 1’s and only 39 were to be paid (less than 15% of the field).

lille chips.jpgI looked at my stack of 97k at blinds 4000/8000/1000 and knew this could be a really quick and unsatisfying day.

The first 45 or so minutes I didn’t play a hand.  I had an aggressive table and couldn’t find any cards above an 8 to call off my stack.  There wasn’t a single spot to try and spin.  I blinded down to 5bb at 5000/10000/1000 and luckily I was dealt the first remotely playable hand all day UTG, AK.  I doubled up through a call from 66 and the very next hand I got dealt AA and took down another small pot.  I began to gain confidence I was capable of a decent run, however blinds and antes were rising and everyone was becoming short stacked.

Then about 3 hours in we were 6 from the money.  I was dealt 88 in mid position and moved all in for circa 13bb.  SB woke up with QQ.  BB woke up with AK.  I couldn’t improve and was knocked out in 45th.

Obviously disappointing to exit right before the money but knew there was nothing I could do.

Rather than wallow in my own self pity I decided to register another small tournament on the Sunday night for €120.  A couple of hours in I was dealt QQ and lost most of my stack to AK all in pre-flop.  Then an hour later I shoved 88 with 10bb and was called in two spots by A9o and A10o.  A ten on the flop sent me out.

QQ was the disaster hand in Panama.  It was apparent that 88 was going to be the disaster hand in Lille.  I suppose I should have seen the omen as I was staying in room 808 in my Hotel.  Two eights with a big fat 0 in the middle!

I left the casino a bit miffed but had met some new people on the table.  In fact a couple of people were from the Netherlands and are attending the WSOP circuit event out there in August  No doubt I’ll bump into them there.

I came back on the Monday for my final day in Lille.  I played a cash table in the evening.

I sat with 500 on a 5/5 table and decided to see if I could spin it.  An hour in I was up to circa 950 and doing well.  Then I get dealt 55…

Mid Position raises to 25 pre-flop.  Button calls. SB calls.  I defend my BB with 55 and also call.

The flop comes down:

5s 4c 2d

Mid position continues for a bet of €80.  Button calls.  SB calls.

At this point the pot is 340 already before I’ve acted.  I take a look at the stacks around – the biggest now being around €380 left behind.  I decide an all in is best here with how the table had been playing (calling wide for draws/not letting go of overpairs) before a scare card hits the turn.

Mid position sigh calls.  Button folds.  SB calls.

Mid position never showed his hand.  SB turned over A3 for the flopped straight.  I don’t improve and the 1.5k pot gets shipped his way – just a massive cooler.

I ended up losing just over 100 before the tables stopped running at 3am to end my disappointing poker venture in France.

One of the guys I was speaking to from the Netherlands had told me he went on a 25k downswing on the live scene before he got a decent score for over 80k.  I don’t play as much as him or at quite the stakes either but I’m hoping it doesn’t take me that long!

Just got to start planning my next adventure and get hyped for Rotterdam.  With more and more live practice these days I am gaining confidence so hopefully a decent result isn’t too far away…

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