Lille Days 1 & 2 – All In

Friday afternoon I landed in Brussels.  I managed to navigate my way to the trainstation and a couple of hours later I found myself in Lille.

Having been up and travelling from 6am I was pretty shattered, but I ventured to the casino to see if I could register for the €550 Superdeepstack.  Turned out I couldn’t despite being told by Pokerstars on twitter that I could – just the first instance of what appears to be a relatively poorly organised festival.  I went and got a bite to eat instead and had an early night just chilling in the hotel with some TV.

Saturday I woke up late and ventured to the casino around midday.  After a brisk coffee to wake me up I registered at the casino and bought into Day 1A which was due to start at 1pm.

The tournament started well. Before the first break I had increased my stack from 50k to 75k with my only hand of note (AK).

Day 1A had 80 runners including a couple of re-entries.  We were told after late registration closed that only 12 would make day 2.

I peaked at about 130k after running a triple barrel bluff with 10 high.  After a table move and a series of poor cards the field had caught up with me.

I was pretty card dead for about 4 hours with AQ being the only hand I got attached to. A shorter stack had defended his blind with 43o.  He hit 2 pair on the flop and got the max from me.

In level 18 we found out that the tournament was taking too long so they had decided to change it. We would no longer be playing down to the money but would only play till the end of the level.  This is presumably so that day 1C on Sunday didn’t run into Day 2 forcing a really late start.

This kind of ruined my plan of being hyper aggressive towards the end of the day if I was shortstacked. I found out earlier on I could reenter another Day 1 if I bust, but the change of plan meant this was now impossible.

So I made day two, but not the money.  I return Sunday night at 8pm with 97k at blinds 4000/8000/1000.

The guarantee has been smashed with a total prize pool now of €244,000.  It’s going to be a struggle to cash though with my stack.  I think I still have to navigate about half the field before the bubble bursts.

Ive just got to do lots of all ins quick and hope I win the first one that’s called to have a chance.

It could be a very quick and unsatisfying Day 2, but we shall see!

If you want live updates then follow my twitter @ramblingsofg

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