Sharp Shooter

It was two years ago that I last won a Main Event on Sky.

Well, up until last night.

Saturday night is the ‘Sharpshooter’ £33 entry Main Event on Sky – one of the many Bounty Hunters available.  I finished work at 9pm UK time and when I got home I had just enough time to late register (tournament started at 8pm UK).

Sneaking into an event that late is never normally something I’d advise.  The stack you start with is always relatively short which means you have to act quickly as you enter push/fold territory almost straight away.  Nevertheless I had decided to register this event along with a couple of others to occupy myself while I watched a film or two on Netflix.

I did indeed get a strong start.  In fact after about an hours play I was one of the chip leaders winning a number of big pots in a very short space of time.

Then things got a tad hairy.

I lost a flip A10 v 77 against a shorter stack.  Then against the same guy I had doubled up, 3 hands later I get KK v AA and lose over half my stack to put myself back in the center of the pack.

Half an hour later I was down to 18bb in need of a hand or two to make the money.

I then win 3 successive hands against the same player.  I make a good call with KK on an A high board, win a flip AKs v 99 and knock him out by calling his 8bb shove with K9s.  Poker can be cruel sometimes as he went from one of the chip leaders to out almost in the blink of an eye.

Things progressed well from there as I had become one of the chip leaders around the bubble, and made good use of it increasing my stack further.

Then I make my first real big mistake of the tournament.

I’m in the BB with AKo.  The Button min raises.  SB 3 Bets.  I then 4 Bet big.  Button lets go.  SB joins us for the ride.  Flop comes 10 high and he open jams for just shy of the pot.  I level myself and end up calling just with overs.  SB with K10 takes massive pot and I’m back towards the bottom of the field with circa 18 left.

However 10 minutes later I got 1010 in versus 77 to knock a player out (remember we are winning bounties for knocking people out) and bring myself back into contention.

Chip leader then tries to bluff me off two pair and I win a huge pot to take the chip lead with about 10 left.

I went from strength to strength at that point and kept momentum flowing in my favour by putting pressure on the middling stacks or those that seemed keen to ladder up the places deeper into the money.

Before I knew it I was heads up as chip leader.

Heads up didn’t last long as we found ourselves both attached to our draws on a Qs Jd 6s board pretty early.  I had Ks 10d.  Coxy (my opponent) had As 8s.

I had shoved on him hoping perhaps I would get a fold, but knowing I had outs regardless of his holding.  Luckily for me the turn and river would bring a K and an A with no spades for me to take the win with the nut straight.


Top 3 payouts are as above.  These include bounties obtained for knocking people out.  Quick shout out to those on the final table.  It wasn’t necessarily the chattiest final table I’ve played on but there was plenty of ‘GL’, ‘WP’ and ‘GG’ comments from the table which is always nice to see than anything more sinister.

Just taking a look at my volume online over 2017.  It seems very low.  Only 279 games to date.  To put that in perspective, some others that are playing on the site have played over 3000 (despite also having full time jobs).

2017 poker to date

I think I’d like to increase my volume a bit, although I am quite enjoying taking it at a leisurely pace at the moment.

We’ll see.  It’s going well as it is.  Perhaps I just keep doing what I’m doing.  I’m just pleased to get my first decent win since starting this blog!

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