Lille Bit Tempted

Pokerstars are in Lille 15th-23rd July.

Looking at my Rota for the next month I can see that I’m off from the 15-18th which means there is a possibility I could go…

Here’s the thing. There’s no direct flights from Malaga on those dates so on the face of it it doesn’t really work. What I’d have to do is get a 3 hour flight to Brussels and then jump on a 1.5 hour train from there to Lille centre. This actually turns out to be a very legitimate and reasonable option, especially as the train station in Lille is only a 5 min walk from the Casino.

Price breakdown would be as follows (more or less):

  • Transport to and from Malaga Airport: Unknown (options include Bus, Taxi, BlaBlaCar or a mate doing me a favour)
  • Return flight to Brussels: £130-140
  • Return train to Lille: £50
  • 3 nights in a Hotel/AirBnB: £150 (if I act quick)

Total: £340 plus transport to and from Malaga Airport.

I’d be there 3 nights as stated and I’d get to play the Pokerstars SuperDeep which is a €550 re-entry. There are a couple of other tournaments I could play (and of course Cash Poker) if that doesn’t go to plan.

Full schedule is here.

As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, I much prefer the Deepstack tournaments as you can take a hit and still be in with a shout of cashing. As this is a re-entry as well it does leave the door open for another shot should I decide to take it or indeed need it.

I’d land in Brussels about 13:00 Saturday 15th which may even give me a chance to make the €60 satellite at 16:00 should there be no delays on route.

I’d probably play Day 1B and if that didn’t go to plan contemplate a Day 1C entry. The tournament will be done and dusted on Monday so no worries about getting back should I have a deep run.

Seriously considering this but I’m a little unsure if its worth the effort/travel/cost for the 3 nights I’d be getting.

All I know is that I’ve got to make my mind up soon otherwise prices will increase and my mind will be made up for me.

Would you go in my shoes?

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