Not Quite Sky High

I’ve managed to play a bit online the past couple of days.



Generally you can see that they have gone relatively well albeit over a very small sample.  I’ve managed to cash in half the tournaments I’ve played with a decent ROI.  One frustrating thing is that in those 12 tournaments I’ve had two 2nd place finishes – I just couldn’t get over the line in either.

I also came 8th in the Sunday Major (£110 entry) on Sky last night.  It’s the biggest buy in and the biggest prize-pool of the week outside of the UKOPs festivals Sky do.  I find it the most frustrating tournament in the world.  The structure is great.  I enjoy the fact that it’s not a bounty hunter like the majority of the tournaments I play. I always seem to have very deep runs, but never that big win.

To put it in perspective:

I believe there were circa 120 entrants in this tournament last night.  8th paid around £300.  1st pays just shy of £4k.

I lost a hand with 16 left that took me from chip leader to 16th in one huge pot.

I believe I did well to recover somewhat until I ran 99 into AA to crash out in 8th place.  One day I will win this event.  It’s proving a tiresome road, but one day it will happen and I can finally put this demon to rest.

Despite the frustrating nature of the last few days, profit is profit.  These smaller wins pay towards future events and hopefully a little more.  Until that allusive bigger win comes along, these smaller cashes will do nicely.  As I’m not a pro I don’t rely my livelihood on Poker so I don’t have the added pressure of having to pay bills etc through my roll.  Personally I think this suits me down to the ground as my style of play relies a lot on putting pressure on other players in marginal spots – something I may not be able to do if I were playing with scared money.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.  Hoping for that big win in the coming months, but if it doesn’t come I’d still be more than happy to take £300+ weekend profits every weekend.

Odd to say considering results have been alright, but I still feel like I’ve developed some major leaks in my game having been out of action for so long.  I was disappointed with a couple of hands I played this weekend which put me in situations I really didn’t need to be in.

Its always important to remember the difference between winning money and playing well.  They do not always go hand in hand.


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