Back to Work

The last few months has been hectic to say the least.

It all kicked off in Panama in mid March,  followed swiftly by a Stag-do in Budapest.  Then a flight back to England to see Chelsea v Spurs in the FA Cup Semi Final which then led into a golfing trip in Marbella.

Cash Game Festival then popped over to Gibraltar.  I then headed out to Italy for a wedding.  Now I’ve just got back from England for a second time, for a second wedding –  one where I was best man.

This coupled with the fact that the Dr has told me I’ve had Bronchitis for the last few months has left me pretty exhausted all in all.  And of course has left me with little to no time to play poker (apart from the Cash Game Festival).

The next big thing on my Calendar is Amsterdam/Rotterdam at the end of August.  Until then I’ve got about two and a half months of just work to concern myself with.  Seems odd to say but it’s quite nice not having to worry about hire cars, hotels and flights for a while.  5 days of work a week with my time off in the Southern Spanish sun will do me for a while.  I’m pretty lucky in that respect.

It will inevitably mean I’ll have more time to play Poker also.  Something I’ve missed a bit.

I feel a little out of practice so I’ve decided that I’m going to start studying properly in my spare time.  I think I’ll stick to YouTube videos rather than anything else.  I’ve never read a poker book in my life.  I don’t really intend to start now.  My general opinion is that practice is the best method to improve your game whilst talking to other decent players, but videos can of course help.  If anyone has anything specific they’d recommend just to refresh my game a bit, drop me a line as i’m unsure of whats best.

Hoping to increase my roll by a bit over the next 10 weeks or so before Rotterdam.  The last few months have been incredibly expensive so here’s hoping for some run good!

I imagine I’ll be posting more hand reviews over the coming weeks as well as some other pieces as and when.  Now I have a little more time on my hands I’m hoping to post a bit more frequently.

Back to the grind!


2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. John, be great full for a busy life and having matured into such a wonderful young man . You were a great best man and we’re so glad you’re part of James’ life. Life gets busy no matter what stage you are at so enjoy a few weeks peace and quiet – you will miss it one day! Don’t forget you have a second (or third) home here. Rosemary & Iain


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