Ramblings #2 – Voting My Truth

Those that know me will know that I have hated politics for years. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I saw it as a place where the corrupt and powerful could swindle their own vested interests whilst appearing to have the interests of the country at heart. I believed this to be true for all politicians.
This last year, after the surprises of Brexit and the Trump votes, I decided to pay more attention to this election to at least try and understand how or why people vote certain ways.
This election I’ve really done my research. I’ve read the manifestos. I’ve also read many articles from a wide range of sources, including propaganda (much to my detriment) from both sides.
I’ve watched the interviews. I’ve seen the speeches. I’ve listened and learned in order to form what I’d believe to be opinion true to myself, rather than one thrust on me.
Now I will make this clear at the start – I have never voted for Labour. I am not coming from a pro-Labour standpoint. I originated from a neutral standpoint that all politicians were the same. I honestly didn’t really think it mattered which party was in charge.
After all this research, that truth that I’ve come to believe is that the Conservative Party have become toxic to the best interests of this country.
Cuts to Schools.
Cuts to NHS
Cuts to police.
These three by themselves could and possibly should be enough in order to discount them for the running, yet I see many of my friends on Facebook are still voting Tory.
When I inquire as to why, 99% of the replies are about Jeremy Corbyn and not the policies themselves.
I have heard countless times that if Labour had a different leader with the same/similar policies, they would vote for them instead.
Being blunt, I cannot emphasize enough how ridiculous this mentality actually is. Compromising principles and national services because you don’t like the guy is like (quoting my mother here) “cutting your nose off to spite your face”.
Its ludicrous.
if you think that Corbyn is a terrorist sympathizer or completely anti-gun, then congratulations, you’ve been sucked into the right wing propaganda that’s flooded the media over the past few weeks. Yes, he leans slightly further left than his predecessors but he has said he supports allowing the police to make their own decisions on how best to save lives. This includes the use of guns. He also has also condemned ALL terrorist activity. He has always been very much, pro peace. Anything else you have seen, quite frankly is either lies or not even remotely the entire story.
Just look at the front pages of The Sun, The Express and The Daily Mail. If you can look at those front pages and honestly believe you haven’t been misled by the rich and powerful (who will undoubtedly all be pro-tory), then I believe you to be in denial. Do you read these papers day-in day-out? Do you think that they are credible sources? Seriously?
If you can think of any actual policies why I should be excited to vote Tory, I’d like to hear them. I’ve read the manifesto. Its a shambles. Nothing is costed. It all appears to be false promises – well the stuff they haven’t already U-turned on. It was lazy, complacent, arrogant and has been hugely detrimental to their campaign.
At this moment I honestly can’t see a single reason why I’d consider voting for the Tories. The only semi persuasive argument I’ve been given is that the economy would be more stable afterwards. In truth though – there is no evidence I’ve come across that actually proves there’s an ounce of truth to this statement. It is, at best, a guess. And we’ve shown just how good we are at guesses recently.
The Tory campaign has been primarily based on smearing Labours attempts to gain power.
Labour have actually had a good, mostly honest (they are still politicians after all) campaign. They may lose the election but they certainly won the campaign regardless of what happens.
Jeremy Corbyn does come across as a man of integrity.
I actually believe him when he says he’s going to try his best to stop privatization of the NHS, reverse police cuts, fund Schools and Re-nationalize the railways and Post Office.
Why would we think the MP with the lowest expenses would waste money frivolously?
I do not however believe a word that comes out of May’s mouth. She has been caught lying one too many times for me to trust anything she says.
We may both be children of Vicars based in Oxfordshire, but this is where our similarities end. We certainly do not have the same values, and I sure know how to have a better time! #fieldsofwheat.
I beg those who are sitting on the fence to really think about their decision tomorrow. Research yourself. Form your own opinion based on facts and not propaganda.
That is all I ask.
Its Labour for me and I hope you can see why.

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