Cash Game Festival – Part 2

Saturday was an early start for work.  I popped down to the CGF afterwards to chat to a couple of people but had decided not to play.

The VIP party was that evening but knew if I went it’d mean a very late night and with work at 8am on the Sunday I thought it’d be risky to attend.  Hearing about it on the Sunday I’m glad as a few people missed morning flights as a result!

So Saturday night I decided I’d play a little bit of online poker on Sky and luck would have it that I ended up winning a £55 Bounty Hunter for circa £700.

Sunday night I returned to the Cash Game Festival and did commentary on the early stream with Brandon.  The end of the stream ended with multiple huge hands which resulted in one of the players on the table sitting with £2.2k on a £1/2 table.

Having watched the action I decided to join the table on the later stream.  The action and atmosphere was great.  I had played with most of those on the table before and this just added to the dynamics on the table.  The free drinks for the feature table was exploited by most and the night was really enjoyable.

Unlike the previous feature table I was on, this time I managed to end up in profit.  Taking down a huge hand towards the end of the stream meant that when it came to stand from the table I had spun my £400 up to almost £1.4k.  The main part of the hand can be seen here.

If you are interested in flicking through the entirety of the stream you can do so here.

I stood around midnight and ended up heading over to Spain with a few of those working the CGF.  After being convinced to stay for one, 3 hours later the tequila shots were out – just reassured me that I made the right decision to skip the VIP Party!  Next CGF I attend I’ll have to plan my rota a bit better.

I have really enjoyed Cash Game Festival overall.  The whole event had such a good vibe about it.  It really is just about having a good time whilst playing poker – unlike some of the tournament events I have previously attended.  The casino could have been busier I feel, but during SCOOP week on Stars they still managed to break Casino records with ease.

I’ll have to keep my eye out on where the festival goes in future as I’d like to attend another.  I’d love a Croatia stop.  Just saying…

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