Cash Game Festival – Part 1

The long anticipated Cash Game Festival finally arrived in Gibraltar on Wednesday.  I had a 7am start at work, but made my way down once I had finished at 5pm.

I decided not to play on the first night as I was pretty tired, but instead joined Brandon in the booth to do some commentary.  After a rocky start where the table feed crashed for the first 30 minutes, I enjoyed about 2 hours of commentary afterwards being in the unique position of being able to see everyones hole cards.  For a first timer at the commentary game I thought it went relatively well, helped by a couple of big hands on the table that kept the conversation flowing.

One of the biggest hands of the evening saw two players flop sets.  The video (accompanied by commentary from Brandon and I) can be seen here.

If you want to watch the entire stream you can do so here.

I left in the evening to go play some football and returned Thursday night to play some £1/2.  The night didn’t go to plan poker-wise as I ran into quads once and the nut full house on another occasion with hands I couldn’t get away from.

Nevertheless I returned on Friday evening to play on the feature table for the first time.  After a hairy start,  I managed to recuperate the vast majority of my losses after a couple of hours.

I was definitely the most aggressive on the table and having watched the table back on twitch I think perhaps I was trying to push the action a bit too much.  The night unraveled in the last 5 or so hands where my small loss on the table ended up in a bigger loss than anticipated – I’d like to think the free alcohol was to blame but perhaps I’m just kidding myself!  In hindsight 4 betting 72o in the last hand was probably an error!

The full video can be seen here for those interested in watching me lose some money. gave me a quick interview after of my experience and asked me how I coped being on a TV table for the first time.

I believe I actually played relatively well – my only issue perhaps was being a bit too aggressive and hanging onto one or two hands on the river which were marginal folds.

I’d like to have another crack at it in the next 2 days before the festival moves off to Malta.  The atmosphere at the table was really good, and even though I lost a bit I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hopefully I get an opportunity to save some face in the next couple of days!

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