Poker on the Back-Burner

Its been a while since I posted.  I suppose it’s about time for an update.

I’ve not been playing a lot of Poker recently.  I’ve played the odd game on Sky with mixed results.  I think I’m a little bit up over the last month or so but nothing massive to boast about.  A couple of final tables and cashes here and there but my volume has been so small I didn’t think it warranted an update.

Live Poker has been non existent.  I think I need to head to the casino in the next week or so for a bit of live cash practice before the Cash Game Festival comes over.  My normal game is online tournaments so it’s a bit of a contrast.  Main lesson to learn in coming weeks is to try and learn not to spew.  Last thing I want to do is to turn up to Cash Game Festival and bluff off my entire stack on a TV table.  That’d be a bit embarrassing.

The reason why volume has been so low over the past few weeks is mainly due to work and other adventures.  There was a Stag Do I had to organise and obviously attend in Budapest which took me a week to recover from.  There was also a ‘golfing’ holiday I went on down the coast in Marbella which had a similar affect on me.  I also flew back to England to see my brother (and partly for the Chelsea v Tottenham game which he had tickets for).  I’ve been a busy boy.

I also have a hectic few months coming up.  I’ve got a wedding to attend in Italy at the end of the month.  Then I have to travel back to England for another wedding where I’ve been given the responsibility of Best Man.   This means I have to write and perform a speech – something I have never done.  Youtube has sort of been helpful in this area but its one thing to get ideas – its another to actually pull them off.

Other than the Cash Game Festival in mid May, the next live adventure looks to be Rotterdam (now confirmed) in late August/early September.  I’ve not got plans to be doing any more twitch’s in the meantime.  I think I’m going to see what happens at the Cash Game Festival and work it out from there.

I’ll be doing a number of blogs around the time of the Cash Game Festival.  I’m hoping to post more regularly as it is but its proving more difficult to find motivation to play when the weather outside is so nice in the Summer.  I wonder if outdoor poker is a thing…  Might be something in that.

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