(Not So) Nervous Twitch

I’ve tried out Twitch for the very first time.  It was one of the opportunities I referenced in my previous blog post and it came to fruition Tuesday night.

Robbie Strazynski from cardplayerlifestyle.com had seen a blog of mine highlighted on Pokernews.com and had got in contact with me about an opportunity to stream on his twitch channel (/poker).  The channel, despite having had no previous streams, has over 500 followers just because of the name.  It seemed like a great opportunity to be the first to use the channel so I gratefully took him up on the offer.

I’ve not used Twitch before so it was a bit of a steep learning curve to download the correct software and get the account streaming correctly.  My computer decided to freeze as soon as the stream started also so it wasn’t the ideal start!

However once I was all set up and settled into the stream I believe it went relatively well.  I did have a couple of G&T’s beforehand in the Spanish Summer sun to loosen myself up.  At the very least it made me forget about the fact I was streaming to the world.  I ended up being quite chatty.

I was playing a £33 and a £110 Bounty Hunter on Sky.  One was starting at 8pm and the other at 9pm.  It guaranteed the stream to be at least an hour even if I bust both tournaments really early – that was my biggest worry.

The £33 Bounty Hunter was going really well until the business end of the tournament where I ran into two pretty unfortunate hands within about 3 minutes of each other.  I crashed out just before the money.

I did however manage to cash in the £110 Bounty Hunter ending up on the final table.  It was probably a case of twitch run-good but it meant that the stream had lasted longer than I had anticipated… a whole 4.5 hours.

Have you ever tried to talk for 4.5 hours on your own?  It’s difficult!  I was joined by a fair few people on the chat though so we managed to find a few things to talk about during the stream.  And of course the stream was benefited by the fact I was doing alright in the two tournaments I had entered so at least I had some decent Poker to talk about.

One issue I did have was the lack of delay on the stream.  I hadn’t worked out how to do this before going live which meant that anybody watching my stream on my table could see my cards the entire time – somewhat a flaw!  I had decided not to publicize the Twitch that much purely because of this.  There was the odd occasion where play was a little suspect but I don’t believe anybody was abusing this.  If people were I think I would have gone out of the tournaments a lot earlier than I did!

It was a good experience all in all.  I’ve been asked whether or not I’m going to start doing live streams more often.  Feedback has been pretty positive which makes me think that I could potentially do it on my own account semi-regularly.  I’m yet to decide on this.

Here’s the entire stream if you find yourself with 4.5 hours to spare and perhaps you can let me know if you’d like to see more from me.  Perhaps you could flick through it instead!


Poker is likely to go on the back-burner in the next month or so due to other plans, but I’ll be posting occasionally anyway.  I’m looking forward to the Cash Game Festival making its way to Gibraltar in May.  Trying out twitch before I go is a huge benefit as I’ll be popping into the booth for a bit to commentate and it’s good practice.  As I say I’m just wondering if I should do it more…

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