Bad news.  So it looks like the card protector I wanted to get (a mini Pizza) is not going to be possible for my trip to Panama.

So back up plan has been to scout the local shops for small figurines I can use as a substitute.  Problem is that there has been a distinct lack of variety apart from, of course, the ever-present Pokemon.

Now I don’t really fancy being the guy to turn up with a Pikachu toy to a Poker tournament but it has got me thinking about how it could potentially be a good idea.  Stay with me here…

Imagine, say, I bought 20 of the little blighters – all different.  Every time I fancy messing around with an opponent I could switch my card protector.  Take this example…

An opponent bets the flop and I call with a little Charmander protecting my hole cards.  The turn comes and I decide to replace my Charmander with a Charmeleon (nerd alert).  Opponent thinks twice about how he wants to play the hand, decides to bet and I call again.  River comes and opponent see’s me put back my Charmander.  Now the opponent is confused (If he wasn’t already).  Am I changing these to try and bluff the strength of my hand? Am I double bluffing?  Or am I just changing these randomly just to see how the opponent reacts?  Of course this kind of meta-game only works if the opponent has any idea what Pokemon are –  a very specific demographic.  For example I can’t imagine this having any affect on a 50 year old Russian… but then again it can be argued that nothing works against a 50 year old Russian.

It could just be a little bit of fun to try and mess around with opponents in this way.  Or perhaps it could be a terrible idea that gets me into more trouble than its worth.  That and the fact that I’d be that guy walking around carrying 20 Pokemon in his pocket AKA ‘The Weirdo’.  Traveling alone I don’t really want to become the social outcast – Well, not by choice at least.

Still, I’d like to have a bit of fun with whatever I decide to bring.  I’m just running out of time to come up with anything better.

Need inspiration quick or I could end up going to Panama with only my Weedle for company.



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