A Mini Pizza and A Twit(ch)

Coincidentally there has been a lot of live poker I’ve been able to watch the last few days, as Cash Game Festival are currently streaming on twitch live from London (due to end 19th Feb).

All the tables covered are of course cash tables (hence the name), however I’ve just been observing players to see if I can pick up certain tells I’ve been reading about.

The only issue is that they have all been really nitty.  There’s next to no bluffing, so trying to pick up on tells has been rather useless.  Still… I’ve enjoyed watching the poker.  The community seem to be pretty decent, and the commentator (Brandon Allen) does a great job in keeping you entertained.

I was surprised to find out that the Cash Game Festival actually comes over to Gibraltar in the middle of May. Even more surprisingly I’ve been given a green light to pop down and join Brandon for a while in the booth commentating on the some of the bigger cash games.  We’ll see closer to the time whether this can be arranged around my work, but it’s definitely a ‘sort this out’ note to stick in the diary for later this year.

If you fancy watching the stream, you can do here


In other news I’m still looking for the right poker protector.  I think I’ve settled on finding a miniature pizza figurine RE my first blog post.  I was given advice to try and make it personal as its one of the few things on a poker table that can provoke a conversation.  At least this way there’s always a pizza on the table and I never have to order another one!

Best thing I’ve found is on Pinterest (which is of course not for sale)



I have however been pointed towards a company with 3D printers which should be able to recreate it and send it off to me – hopefully for a decent price.  I’m just awaiting the quote.  If it’s too expensive I’ll go searching at a bazaar or something.  I’m not sure.


I’ve also been pondering over what other things I can include in my blog.  There’s a possibility of doing some videos of some online tournaments and sticking the highlights on here.  Not sure if anyone actually wants to follow my progress through a tournament, but at the very least it may be good for personal use to review hands.  I might mess about with that tomorrow.

If anyone has any other ideas/requests feel free to let me know.  I’m an open book.


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